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Miràntico takes its name from the ancient Umbrian village of Miralduolo, a place with Serbian pride, memories of his Lombard origins, and a fascinating medieval past. A land of authentic charactistics that is full of passion, is still able to offer generous, unique, and intensity sensation. In perfect harmony the blend of the Sangiovese, Malbec, and Canajolo  enhance their resting perfumes and live for a short time in French oak barrels from the renowned Bertranges forest.

Miralduolo di Torgiano, Umbria
Rosso di Torgiano DOP
Sangiovese, Malbec, Canajolo

Organoleptic notes

Intense ruby ​​red

Ripe red fruit, black pepper and violet

Strong minerality, moderate tannins


Baked pasta, baked leg of lamb, medium-aged cheeses

Service temperature

18 - 20 °C

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