Greco di Renabianca

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A wine that has established itself over time is a true ambassador of taste and culture.
With a green sole this wine is a return to the deeper roots of the Umbrian territory due to one of the most representative varieties if the region.  The Greek of Renabianca interprets a classic. This new and "contemporary" version is created through careful, skillful workmanship but especially through the use of a raw material. A brief period in French oak barrels from renowned Bertranges forest adds a unique and valuable addition to this wine.

Miralduolo di Torgiano, Umbria
Bianco dell'Umbria IGP

Organoleptic notes

Yellow Gold

Almond, wild herbs, cedar, broom and licorice

Slightly smoked, strong acidity in a vertical wine


White meats also spiced, shellfish, smoked pork

Service temperature

10 ° C

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