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Wood and Wine

In 1962 the Margaritelli family, in order to control the entire chain production chain of railway ties, built a sawmill in France to be able to procure oak directly from the rich French forests. The headquarters of the sawmill, which are still a very important element for Margaritelli family, especially for the production of parquet, are located in Fontaine, 25 km from Beaune in the heart of Burgundy which is rich in forests. From there came the possibility of creating a unique, one of a kind research in collaboration with several French organizations including the National Institute of Vine and Wine and the National Institute for Forest Management, the Cooperage Union and other minor institutions in order to determine whether the influence of oak on wine would change depending on the origin of the oak forest. Margaritelli France supported the project by providing the wood from each of the different forests selected, in such a way that from each forest there was wood from different plants, 24 trees from each forest to have a standard reproduction of the forest itself. Oak barrels were made from single forests and inside of them was put the 2002 Pinot Noir from Domaine Michel Juillot, aged until December 2003 before being bottled without filtering or other operations. In early 2004 a blind tasting was organized to which only professional sommeliers were invited. They were asked to fill out a score sheet which then in practice would become the flavor profile of each individual oak forest. Based on this research, we decided to use oak exclusively from the Bertrange forest in Burgundy. The oak is characterized by having a very delicate profile with fresh balsamic notes and never covering the fruit. At the moment, all of he barrels are produced by the cooperage Toutant, also in Burgundy, who are both customers and friends of the Margaritelli family and are always checking and controlling the directly the origin of the wood. A final note, in 2016 Margaritelli France has been awarded the largest batch of trees to be cut of the Bertrange forest in the national auction.

Dalla sincerità della Terra
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